Strange error messages appear on the Mac print queue

Printing is unaffected by this issue

This workaround will not affect printing, however it will prevent all SNMP messages from being displayed, even when they are genuine.

Please see details below on how to fix the issue:

The following steps assume that the print queue already has incorrect error messages displayed. If it does not, you can go straight to step 8.

1.  From the Finder menu choose Go, then Go to Folder
2.  Enter /etc/cups/ppd in the Go to Folder dialogue box and choose Go
3.  Find the ppd named ColourPrinter.ppd.  (This is the same name as the ColourPrinter in Print and Fax with a .ppd extension)
4.  Drag the ColourPrinter.ppd to the Desktop
5.  Open the ColourPrinter.ppd with TextEdit
6.  At the end of the PPD add the following line exactly as written:
 *cupsSNMPSupplies: False
7.  Save the modified ColourPrinter.ppd to the Desktop. No name change is necessary
8.  In System Preferences -> Print & Fax, remove the printer and then re-add it. This step clears existing errors from the queue. Also note that when you do this, the .ppd is removed and then re-added to the /etc/cups/ppd folder
9.  From the /etc/cups/ppd folder, move the original ColourPrinter.ppd to the trash. Authenticate when prompted
9.  Drag the modified ColourPrinter.ppd from the Desktop to the /etc/cups/ppd folder.  Authenticate when prompted


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