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A cornerstone of OKI's business philosophy is its commitment to improving the welfare of society through technology whilst striving to reduce the impact on the environment of every product, from it's manufacture to it's day-today running to it's disposal.

From instigating and funding initiatives that allow OKI customers to return both hardware and consumables for recycling, through to using increasing amounts of recycled materials in our packaging, we are continually looking for new ways to reduce the amount of OKI produced materials that go to landfill.

Hardware recycling and WEEE compliance
WEEE Recycling BinWhen your OKI product comes to the end of its life, check to see if it bares the WEEE compliance logo as shown on the right here (a logo in the shape of a 'wheelie bin' with a cross through it). This indicates it shouldn't just be thrown away. Instead, as part of our WEEE compliance scheme we can arrange for it to be collected, broken down in its constituent parts and recycled into an incredible array of new everyday products.

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Consumables collection and recycling scheme
Since 2004 our Original Consumables Recycling Programme has enabled our customers to return their used Original consumables to us, so that we can arrange for their safe and effective recycling.

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