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Smart MFPs

IDC's white paper "Are your business processes stifling your market opportunity? Cost-efficient print and document management through smart MFPs" highlights the need for workflow improvements with SMBs as they respond to changing business needs, the evolving IT agenda and new market opportunities.  Smart MFPs whitepaper


The white paper includes the following key findings from IDC:

- Just 1 in 3 businesses are actively planning for a digital world to reduce physical storage and improve employee efficiency – meaning two-thirds may miss out on important time and productivity savings.

- 75% of the Western European workforce will be mobile. To stay productive and benefit from the world of mobile working, today’s businesses need the tools to process and digitise documents remotely and provide access to accurate information.

- Businesses experience a 20% loss in productivity each year due to document-related challenges – the equivalent to over two working months each year. 

- A massive 75% of businesses currently have no document security in place despite the increasing number of  corporate data security breaches that continue to hit the headlines. 

IDC concludes that smart MFPs have the potential to act as a platform for growth by providing cost and time-efficient workflow solutions that improve compliance and security while supporting key business objectives such as mobility, along with cost-cutting initiatives. In this regard, they have the potential to help redefine how day-to-day business workflow is performed.

Download the IDC White Paper and full IDC Infographic now and find out how smart MFPs can be the intelligent solution to help improve efficiency, productivity and security within your business.    

 5 Reasons Smart MFPs 

Smart MFPs Number 1 

Enhanced MFPs come with integrated software tools designed to implement affordable business process solutions

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Smart MFPs Number 2


Smart MFPs respond to SMBs’ demands for productivity solutions to meet the diverse business automation needs of the new workplaceSmart MFPs dotted line
Smart MFPs Number 3 
Easy and secure access to integrated productivity tools

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Smart MFPs Number 4


Use of an intuitive user interface accelerating user acceptance 
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Smart MFPs Number 5


Customisable transformation tools paving the way to the office of the future 


Download IDC White Paper  Download Infographic 

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OKI's portfolio of smart MFPs  Request Demonstration

OKI Europe's portfolio of smart MFPs combines software with advanced technology. These intelligent devices provide businesses with the range of functionality needed to improve the way that documents are handled, managed and processed through an organisation and support the growing requirement for space and time-saving document digitisation in busy businesses.

Built to meet the needs of the evolving workplace, OKI’s flexible and secure suite of mono and colour smart MFPs, can transform your document processes and enhance the productivity of your business. Containing advanced software and hardware, the smart, mobile-ready devices provide businesses with a range of tools to improve document capture, integration and business communications.

Smart MFPs 

OKI's smart solutions   
Integrated solutions to enhance your print and document workflow.

OKI's smart solutions form an integrated suite of software, technologies and tools that work with OKI's smart MFPs to enhance print and document workflow, management and security. OKI's smart Extendable Platform (sXP) is a web services based architecture which allows you to extend your document processes, ensuring a fully MFP-integrated and optimised solution that meets the needs and objectives of your business, whether office-based, mobile or in the cloud.


These office solutions can be categorised into five key business areas:

Capture and Distribution icon
Capture and Distribution

Focuses on the digitisation of documents, converting to paperless workflows with instant electronic access and routing by metadata
Document and Content Management icon

Document and Content Management

Facilitates easy access and retrieval of data to improve collaboration and response timesSecurity and Output icon 

Security and Output

Enables cost control and full visibility of print and copy usage, facilitates secure access and retrieval of data to improve collaboration and response timesMobility icon

Mobility and BYOD

Print from any company or employee owned device to any printerDevice and Contract Management icon

Device and Contract Management

Track device usage remotely


For a detailed overview of OKI's smart solutions portfolio please click here