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OKI Consumables Recycling Bin Programme


For more than 10 items or for items over 5kgs such as transfer belts.

The Recycling Bin programme is provided completely free
of charge. The bin(s), complete with red lining bags, can
be placed at convenient locations around your premises.
Once they are full, the red lining bags can be sealed by
twisting around the top of the bag and then using the tie
wraps provided or by wrapping packing tape around tightly.
They are then collected by us free of charge.

The bins are easy to assemble and are made from 100% recycled
cardboard. Dimensions are: Width: 41cm Depth: 41cm Height: 73cm.


Recycling Bin Guide

>> Click here to
download our guide
to using an OKI
Recycling Bin 


Step 1.gif

Order your free recycling bin and bags:
>> Request your recycling bin/s and/or red bags to go inside a bin

 Step 2.gif

When your bag is full, please click on the link below to request free of charge collection.


>> Click here to request the collection of FULL recycling bags



Please note that this recycling service is only available for genuine OKI Original consumables. We cannot recycle other manufacturers consumables or 3rd party compatible items.


For any other recycling queries, please contact us on 01784 274300 or email:


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