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OKI Consumables Recycling Freepost Service

For 10 items or less which weigh less than 5kgs.

Our Freepost returns service is available for all genuine OKI Original Consumables which weigh less than 5kgs*, including toner cartridges, Image Drums (EP cartridges) and fuser units.

If you have more than 10 items to return to us, we recommend that you use our free Recycling Bin Programme

* Please note that the majority of OKI consumable items weigh less than 5kgs, however some transfer belts may be over 5kgs and if so should be returned using the Recycling Bin Programme.

Please follow the instructions below on how to use the Freepost returns service:


Toner Cartridges:

  1. Place the used toner cartridge(s) into the green or white returns bag(s) provided with your new cartridge(s) and seal the bag(s) with the self-sealing strip. If there is no bag provided please use any suitable plastic bag which does not have holes and seal with tape.
  2. Place the bag(s) into the box the new cartridge(s) came in, and tape closed.


Image Drums (EP Cartridges):

   *** IMPORTANT! It is essential that your drum is completely sealed as described
below before it is returned via the Freepost service to avoid toner leakage ***

  1. If you have replaced the toner cartridge at the same time as the image drum, please leave the used toner cartridge locked into the image drum. Or, if you are returning the image drum on it's own, please place the orange plastic strip that covers the 'toner well' from your new drum, into your old drum.
  2. Place the drum into a plastic bag without holes, and seal with tape.
  3. Place the bag containing the drum into the box the new drum came in and tape closed.

Fuser Units:

  1. Wait for the used fuser unit to cool down.
  2. Place it into the box the new fuser unit came in and tape closed.

If you have more than one item to return, please return them as one package by either taping the boxes together securely, or placing them inside another box. However, please note that there is a maximum weight for each package of 5kg.


  1. Click on the link below and complete the relevant fields to enable you to download the freepost label(s) to attach to your package(s).
  2. Print off your returns label(s) and and affix to the outside of your package(s).

>> Click here to download your Freepost returns label


  1. Take your package(s) to your local Post Office.


How to use the Freepost returns service


 (Please note that the recycling bag provided may be green or white in colour)


Please note that this recycling service is only available for genuine OKI Original consumables. We cannot recycle other manufacturers consumables or 3rd party compatible items.


For further assistance, please call us on +44 (0)1784 274378 or email:


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