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Why our Consumables Recycling Programme is so important


From toner cartridge to flower pot. Our recycling programme gives all our used and returned OKI Original consumables a new lease of life, reducing landfill and raising money for Save The Children.

Recycling Loop 100x100For OKI, caring for the environment is just as important as complying with environmental regulations. We launched our Consumables Recycling Programme back in July 2004 as part of our corporate social responsibility which embraces environmental impact. The key objectives back then were to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and create new opportunities for recycling - and the results have surpassed our expectations!

In 2008, we were able to recycle 90% of the materials from OKI Original consumables returned through our recycling programme which was a fantastic result. But by 2009, we had increased that figure to an impressive 97%!

Our target of course has to be 100% which will equate to zero landfill from our returned OKI Original consumables. Thank you for helping us to reach our goals and reduce our impact on the environment.

Save The Children LogoWe are proud to say that it's not only the future of our environment that benefits from our recycling programme but also future generations. For every tonne of used OKI Original consumables that we recycle, OKI donates money to its global charity, Save The Children.

OKI's support of Save The Children began in 1994 and we are proud and humbled to be able to make a tangible contribution to this important charity, which fights for children around the world who suffer from poverty, disease, injustice and violence.

World_Land_Trust_LogoIn addition to supporting Save The Children as our chosen global charity, we also support many other good causes on a local and international level across continents in which we operate. In the UK this includes supporting the World Land Trust which is an international conservation organisation that takes direct action to save rainforests and other biologically important lands, by literally buying these vital habitats acre by acre.
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Once used OKI Original consumables are returned to our regional recycling centres, they are counted, sorted and then separated by the different types of material. Once the materials have been broken down they are passed on to nominated recycling plants where they are cleaned and the materials segregated for recycling ready to be transformed into a new product with a new lease of life

The principal materials used in our Original Consumables are metals, plastics, paper and toner powder.

Metals are separated and uplifted by metal smelters where they are melted down in to nuggets for onward use by industry.

Plastics are separated, cleaned then uplifted by plastics recyclers who melt down the plastic from which pellets are formed for plastics manufacturers.

Wood, paper and cardboard are separated and reused via paper and pulp manufacturers.

Toner powders may already be mixed but others will be kept as their separate colours for use in building aggregates and road surfacing materials.

Wind turbines, solar panels, compost bins, garden benches and flower pots are just some of the many products made from these recycled materials!



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