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Greener Printing - Simple Steps to being more green


Let our 'Four simple steps to greener printing' help you on your way to being more green...

A cornerstone of OKI's business philosophy is its commitment to improving the welfare of society through technology whilst striving to reduce the impact on the environment of every product, from it's manufacture to it's day-today running.
We aim to provide eco-friendly products and services with respect to all work processes, from product planning to manufacturing, and maintenance and operation we work for the conservation of resources and energy and reduce waste in business activities. So you can be confident we are constantly striving to reduce the environmental impact of every OKI product from it's manufacture, to it's running costs and recycling.

Let our "FOUR SIMPLE STEPS TO GREENER PRINTING" help you on your way to being more green...

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In many instances you could be 'greener' and save CO2 and money by consolidating a number of individual printers, such as slow, high cost inkjet printers with a reduced number - or even just one - high speed, high quality OKI printer. Similarly you could benefit from meeting all your printing, copying, faxing and scanning needs with one multifunction product (MFP) instead of having separate printers, copiers, faxes and scanners. Click here to find out more about the range of OKI products to suit your needs...

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Thanks to OKI's Single Pass Digital LED technology, our range of colour and mono printers enable users to print many traditionally out-sourced requirements in-house, meaning you can benefit from printing on-demand "what you want when you want". This reduces the waste associated with having to order out-sourced printing in bulk to retain cost-effectiveness and a potential reduction in transportation costs - and as well as saving you time! OKI's Template Manager software, which comes FREE 'in-the-box', provides you with the tools to easily design and print more traditionally out-sourced items in-house. With a choice of standard or customisable document templates coupled with simple to use yet powerful graphic alteration tools, it couldnt be easier. Click here to find out more about Template Manager...

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OKI Managed Print Services
OKI's Print Optimizer managed print service could save your organisation between 10% and 30% on your printing costs*, and take all the hassle out of managing a fleet of printing devices. By carrying out a comprehensive audit of your current print solutions and discussing your future requirements we can provide a solution tailored to you. Click here to find out more... 

If you have a smaller number of devices and are simply looking for an easy and cost effective way to purchase your consumables then OKI Flatrate can save you an average of 25% on your consumables costs. Click here to find out more...

OKI's range of FREE 'in box' software utilities can help you control your printing - from one device to thousands.
Colour Access Policy Manager
If you know that the advantages of in-house colour printing would greatly benefit your organisation, but you are concerned that the cost of colour printing could spiral out of control, OKI's FREE software utility Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM) provides you with the solution. It enables you to control who can print what and where including the control over the printing of personal item such as pictures and emails. And whats more, it's easy to use so you dont have to be an IT expert to use it. Click here to find out more about CAPM...

PrintSuperVision introduces a new dimension to printer management. By just using a web browser from your computer, you can effortlessly locate, set up, observe and maintain your printers and multifunction products, from a handful to thousands, in a single location or across different sites and for any number of brands including OKI. You can view the real-time status of all your printers/MFPs to monitor and report on print usage, including the number of printouts, whether colour or mono, the paper type and size, manage consumables, replenish them and configure the software to suit your printer management requirements. Printer access can be restricted to authorised individuals or groups and pre-defined cost limits can be set, denying further access once these print limits have been reached. Click here to find out more about PrintSuperVision...

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This sounds obvious, but simple changes like the ones listed below will save you money - and help save the environment:

 - Don't print it if you don't need to, but if you do, print in mono unless you need colour (see OKI's range of print control solutions above) and if your printing web pages, make sure you select the print icon in your web browser or use OKI's 'Web Print' utility to ensure you don't print a lot of uneccessary information.

 - Print on both sides of the paper by ensuring your product has an automatic duplex unit (this can be set as a default setting for your OKI printer or MFP).

 - Print multiple pages or images on the same sheet. Simply select from a drop-down list in the OKI printer driver to automatically shrink and re-arrange your document to fit 2, 4, 6, 9 or even 16 pages / images on a single page!

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* Gartner, 2009

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